Find Hindi Fonts Used in PDF File – Step by Step Guide

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If you want to find Gujarati, Marathi or any other Indian language fonts used in PDF file, you may use this tutorial. This tutorial uses Hindi as an example but you can follow the same steps for Gujarati, Marathi or any other Indian languages.

If you have a PDF file with Hindi font text, it is difficult to find out which fonts are used in the file. You may need to find the font information so that you can edit the text or copy the content to use somewhere else. This guide will help you find the Hindi fonts used to create the PDF file.

Find fonts used in PDF file

Open PDF file in Acrobat Reader.

Go to File menu > Properties

Pdf File Menu Properties

Click on Fonts tab

It will list all the fonts used in the PDF file.

PDF file Hindi font list

Fonts with familiar font name

If font names are familiar, you can use online Hindi font converter. Now copy the PDF text, select the font name from the font list and click on a button to convert text into Hindi Unicode (Mangal font). Once you convert the text, you can easily edit Hindi text using Pramukh IME or Google IME.

Fonts with random font name

If fonts name contains random names, it means that PDF has “encrypted” font information. When the font information is not easily available, it is difficult to find the font name. One way to get the font name is to try to convert the text into Hindi Unicode. Select one font at a time and try to convert it into Unicode. If the conversion is successful, it means the selected font is the one used in the document. Even if the conversion is wrong, select another font and try again. Keep trying for each font till you get a successful conversion.

Last resort

If you don’t see any font, it means that PDF file contains only image. The only way get editable text out this PDF file is to use Hindi OCR to get text out of the image or retype the whole document using online Hindi typing tool available at Pramukh IME.


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